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Medium Brown
  • Medium Brown

    Belt frown drwchus gyda llêd o 38mm gyda bwcl brass.


    Thick medium brown leather belt with solid brass buckle with a width of 38mm. 


    Belt size guide:


    *Please note the size option is the exact measurement, not the trouser size equivalent*


    If you are unsure of your belt size, please measure a belt that you may already own, measure from the buckle (not including the buckle itself) to the most commonly used hole, this will give you your size.


    An alternative option is to measure youself using a measuring tape, where you wish for your belt to sit. Please be aware that if you wear high waisted jeans, it is beneficial to wear your jeans and pull the measuring tape through your belt loops.


    The measurement you choose will be the 3rd hole in, there will be 6 holes all together, all one inch apart.


    If you would like further guidance on measurements, or a custom size please send me a message -


    Os nad oes run o'r meintiau yma yn siwtio, gyrrwch neges i drafod maint gwahanol i











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