Reptile effect & Silver

Reptile effect & Silver

Belt o ledr buffalo, gyda effaith 'reptile'. Er bod ganddo drwch  o 3.2-3.4mm mae'r lledr yma yn hyblug.


Mae'r meintiau yma ar gyfer gwisgo belt ar eich clun, felly os ydych chi am wisgo'r belt ar drowsus 'high waisted' neu sgert, cymerwch eich mesuriad o'r siart isod neu fesur belt sydd gennych yn barod.


One strap leather belt made from  reptile effect buffalo leather. The leather is 3.2-3.4mm in thickness and although it is a thick leather, it is supple.


The fit is for hip measurement, If you wish to wear the belt high waisted or with a skirt, please measure a previous belt and look at the details below.


For example : If you are a size 14 in dress size, but wish to wear your belt high waisted, and your waist measurement is 36" , choose a size 12, or ask for a custom size.


Holes in the belts  

                                 2nd                4th       

             6-8 =           30"       -         32"

              10 =            33"       -         35"

              12 =            36"       -         38"

         14-16 =           39"        -         41"

         16-18 =            42"        -        44"


 (6 holes all together)


Os nad oes run or meintiau yma yn siwtio, gyrrwch neges i drafod maint gwahanol i


If you wish to recieve a custom size, this will be no extra cost. Send an e-mail to


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