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Gotland Belt
  • Gotland Belt

    Gotland belt , soft black leather with wool feature, red fox suede lining.  


    Width: 32mm


    One strap leather belt made from the famous Italian 'Buttero' leather range. The leather is 2.6-2.8mm in thickness and will give a great patina over time. 


    The fit is for hip measurement, If you wish to wear the belt high waisted or with a skirt, please measure a previous belt and look at the details below.


    For example : If you are a size 14 in dress size, but wish to wear your belt high waisted, and your waist measurement is 36" , choose a size 12, or ask for a custom size.


    Holes in the belts  

                                     2nd                4th       

                 6-8 =           30"       -         32"

                  10 =            33"       -         35"

                  12 =            36"       -         38"

             14-16 =           39"        -         41"

             16-18 =            42"        -        44"


     (6 holes all together)


    Os nad oes run or meintiau yma yn siwtio, gyrrwch neges i drafod maint gwahanol i


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