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Being raised in rural mid Wales, sheep skin and wool has been of great interest to me. I came across a photo of gotland sheepskin in 2019 and instantly fell in love. The Gotland, also called the Gotland Pelt, is a breed of domestic sheep named for the Swedish island of Gotland. In June 2020 i got in contact with the Organic Sheep Skin Company, that put me in touch with Lucy, a famer from Wiltshire who was kind enough to let me buy a skin from her. 

Beauty, once i recieved the skin, ideas started to flood my mind and i had to start making, the colours and texture of the curly wool against the matt leather work so perfectly together.

Photography: Emma Evans

Make Up: Leah Sims MUA

Model : Mirain Glyn

Stylist : Gwerfyl Owen

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